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Could You Live Unplugged?

Could you put down all your gadgets for almost a year? I did, and here’s what I learned.

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The Smartest Kids in the World: The Smartest Book on Education You Can Read

It takes no expert to prove the education system in the United States is broken. Our children consistently graduate high school lacking the skills to keep America competitive in the world market. We’ve slipped in education, respect, and overall mission as a country. Author Amanda Ripley set off on an unprecedented journey to find out why. Using an aggregate of […]

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The 5 Worst TV Shows I’ve Ever Loved

Television’s a funny thing, isn’t it? It can motivate, inspire, teach, entertain, and infuriate. Trends will come and go, but one thing is certain: We love bad TV. Now, everyone’s version of bad TV is different. We have our guilty pleasures. We admire trainwrecks of all shapes and sizes.  And, I don’t know about you, but I’m shamefully proud of my picks. Days […]