Read my answerΒ here.

And gather around with your egg nog and cookies (and blinking antlers) next weekΒ for a few old (and new!) Christmas posts! #Christmasweek




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  1. After the initial wince, I actually LOVE being unplugged from my phone and computer and social media. I’m not surprised at all that you found yourself uncomfortable at first blush but then enjoying the renewed focus on your family.

    Television, though, that’s a different story – ha!
    My kids and husband and I gather around the TV almost every night and it is time we spend together. We have to compromise on a show we all enjoy (this is easier because my kids are 16 and 18) and then we keep pausing to rewind because we’ve been laughing to hard to hear the next line.

    So. I’m going to keep my TV on during then holidays but keep my phone elsewhere when my family is around – plugged into the charger, perhaps, and out of my hands.

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