Please stop by BlogHer, where I discuss the utter ridiculousness and future direction of my favorite guilty pleasure show, DaVinci’s Demons, which I’m proud to announce has been renewed for its third season!

Do you watch it? Because I definitely need DaVinci’s Demons buddies. Come on by. Let’s chat!

But before you do…

Don’t forget that Listen to Your Mother Providence takes place in just one day! Please stop by Brown Paper Tickets to purchase mobile-view tickets or purchase tickets at the door. Tickets are $18, and will benefit The Tomorrow Fund, helping families dealing with childhood cancer.

And also, have you heard? I am thrilled to announce I’ve been named a BlogHer Voice of the Year in the Humor category, for my post Tricks or Treats: Which Will You Choose!

Oh, aaaand, don’t forget to visit my Facebook page, where you can enter to win four awesome Disney FROZEN books for your little ones! I will be drawing a winner on Monday, May 12, so get those entries in!

I have more to talk about, and in much further detail, but I’m scuttling around, preparing for tomorrow’s show.

Happy Mother’s Day, and I’ll be back to your regularly scheduled hilarity after this weekend.


Thanks for bearing with me!

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  1. Big congratulations on VOTY and I can’t wait to hear about your LTYM experience!
    I know there will be a video, but I’m impatient to wait until June/July…whenever those finally hit YouTube.

    So, no pressure. But I’d love to read a wrap up.
    (Hint. Hint.)

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