It’s almost that time of year when we cast off sweets and smoking, only to replace them with unbridled (disingenuous, and temporary) vigor for rice cakes and Zumba.

I was lucky enough to be afforded the opportunity by to write about the New Year’s Resolutions my children would choose for me if they could.

Not only was I thrilled about this idea, but I also decided there may be no better way to get changes to stick than involving one’s doe-eyed, uncorrupted, totally dependent children.

So, naturally, I couldn’t say no.

Come read what “they” chose at New Year’s Resolutions for Me: If My Kids Could Talk, and tell us about yours! You can also check out the entire series here.

Happy (Early) New Year!


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  1. Most excellent resolutions all of them. As I sit here at the moment ignoring my kids just home from school, reading your blog and responding….grrrr…gotta go get the UNO cards out.

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