I am utterly furious. Well, some of the fury has worn off since I got home, got my shoes off, and had dinner. But I’m still mostly furious.

My husband and I had decided to scout out Halloween costumes for the kids this afternoon. We were in the children’s aisle of costumes at the local iParty, trying to find costumes that might be a good fit for our children. We were on the “Infant/Toddler” side of the aisle, oohing and aahing at the baby lion, Buzz Lightyear, and ladybug costumes, when I wandered inadvertently into the older girls’ section. I turned the stroller around to head back to the smaller costumes, when this caught my eye:

I had to look again. Surely my eyes were deceiving me. Red Hot? Child Size Costume? Size Small?? And are those platform heels she’s wearing? My heart skipped a few beats. I was reasonably certain I’d seen this outfit before. On a stripper. I tried to bring my focus back to the task at hand, tried to shake off what my eyes did see, but I couldn’t. I took a quick, regrettable glance around. They were everywhere, closing in on me like the Queen of Hearts’ playing card soldiers, towering over me, breathing heavily down my neck, and they were scary. And I started to freak out. Freak. Out. (Well, and take pictures.)

Because every graveyard needs a fairy, right? You know, to escort people to the other side. They should just call it what it is: Fetish Club Cocktail Waitress.

Time Out? Time Out for what? To check the sex offender registry?

She’s a “Naughty Wizard”. Someone please enlighten me as to what an 8-year-old knows about being ‘naughty’ besides that she’s not supposed to run in the hallway. Whory Potter and the Inadequately Cloaked Genitals, anyone

I’m pretty sure that car in the background is making that “Ah-Wooooga!!” sound.

Because the sign of any good party is a tiny beer wench.

Okay, well, this one’s just creepy.

And finally (wait, what’s that sound I hear? Is it…angels?), sticking out like the sorest thumb I’ve ever seen, all alone on the wall, was poor Mary. Poor, poor Mary, bearing the weight of all these sinners, trying desperately to rein in her wayward flock. Poor Mary, who will either sell out first, or be tossed asunder, relegated to the Clearance bin.

So there you have it. It’s Halloween again, time to sex up your daughter and send her out into the streets at night.

I have been trying to tell myself that conservative will make a comeback before my daughter fits into size 4-6. I have been trying to tell myself that the makers of these costumes didn’t intend for them to be so trashy and wrong. I have been trying to tell myself that none of this really happened. But it did.

Truth is, I see nothing funny or cute about these costumes or anyone who lays down the scratch to buy them. I think these costumes are beyond inappropriate for children, and I think it even more inappropriate for a parent to see one of these (except for dear Mary there), and purchase it for her daughter.

What happened to monster costumes? Or the Bride of Frankenstein? Or zombies? Or a cowgirl? No, not a “naughty cowgirl” (She can tie a lasso with her tongue!), just a cowgirl. Or a ghost. Or something that’s just not dirty. And why do kids have to wear these? Aren’t there enough whores-for-a-day on Halloween as it is?

When my daughter is old enough for all this, I’m going to cut two holes in a sheet and call it a day. Or maybe she can wear that Mary costume. By the time she’s old enough, though, Mary will be wearing a one-sleeved mesh minidress, boobie tassles, thigh highs with garters, and will be holding a lollipop. Oh, never mind. I give up.



  1. TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE. I’d love to hear anyone out there try to defend these get-ups. I was just talking to someone yesterday (who asked me to write) about slutty clothes for little girls. It’s appalling.

  2. I was similarly disgusted yesterday when I passed an eight-year-old wearing sweatpants that said “SEXY” in glittery letters on the butt. If the girl were any bigger, I would have thought that her mom lent her some clothing, but no — these were definitely child-size pants.

  3. I understand your point, however I see nothing wrong with the pirate one at all. Some of these on here, not all, are actually meant for teenagers. Now, the devil one, for sure is pretty slutty and the naughty wizard should probably be a little longer without the naughty in it.
    I’m 21 and I’ve never dressed slutty for halloween so its not me defending my costume but I’m pretty sure my niece would rather be a pirate than a zombie.

  4. They actually all came in child sizes, not just teen sizes. I see how they could be meant for teens, but they were all available in kids’ sizes.

  5. …aaaaaaand one more shout out to the lucky stars that I only got boys. I’m concerned for the girls who modeled these for the packages, let alone any little girl who would actually ask to hit the darkened streets with one of these on.

    Love how the same company who turns out the Red Hot Miss Lucifer also puts out Mary. I have a friend who helps former inmates find work after their release–I’ll be sure to tell her that Franco Costume Cultures clearly has no problem hiring the sex offenders.

    Seriously. “Naughty” wizard? That makes my head burst into flames.

  6. Sweet mother of pearl-what could you possibly be thinking if you are a parent that would purchase one of these?! Maybe it’s a trap, you know, you go to the register to purchase it and they automatically send CPS to investigate your household. That’s my fantasy.

  7. When you’re right; you’re rightOf course, I’m old-ish, but all my costumes were homemade. Hobo, complete with partly smoked cigar. Gypsy, with genuine bandana head covering.

  8. Terrible. Just terrible. Deplorable. Isn’t anyone acting like the adult anymore? It’s as if the entire culture wants to either be or idolize a sexy 18 year old, and parents are willing to go in on the ruse also, instead of being the mature adult in the situation and saying “No, that’s inappropriate. You’re a CHILD.” Perhaps not a popular response, but still a good response.

    Thanks for posting. I had no idea what had happened to costumes. I’ve got two girls. I will avoid that aisle like the plague.

  9. This is sooo true! Unfortunately some of the outfits up there are decent compared to the ones i’ve seen. I have to walk with my eyes averted in a kiddies clothing shop. -That’s just wrong.
    Its only right if a mama is sending her kid to slut camp. :/

    Btw loved this post 😉

  10. There are actually plenty of safe costumes still out there for children. Any girl, or teen for that matter, can be a Disney princess. A girl could also pull off a Wednesday Adams costume quite easily. Ballerina, witch, Greek goddess, Harry Potter outfit (not the “naughty” one.. the movie-like ones are actually easy to come by and inexpensive). Parents should start planning ahead with their children a few months in advance. By not purchasing one from a store that promotes the naughty, inappropriate outfits, parents could show their lack of interest/disapproval. Stores only put out what sells, so the best way to see a change is to boycott the purchasing of such products.

  11. Wow. We haven’t been in the costume store, yet, and now I’m thinking we don’t need to go. My son got his costume at the Disney store (because he has huge brown eyes and I am weak). My daughter wants to be a blue macaw. I think I’ll go out after bedtime to get her feathered wings. How ridiculous is that we have to think of ways to protect our kids from the costume store?!?!

  12. I noticed this bad trend the other day as well, and it’s kind of been this way for women costumes for quite some time now. To be honest a lot of the costumes out there look like what you’d wear for your lover during a night of role playing, surely never to be worn out of the house. I’m not sure where the whole concept of Halloween is meant to be sexy, naughty, or dirty for the evening came from, but if you want a some what conservative outfit, you’ve got about 2 choices…Mary/a Nun, and an ugly witch. Sigh,

  13. My children are 10 and 13. I have been living this nightmare for years now. Why do girls have to be whores for Halloween? We have difficulty every year. They will have 5 different witch costumes, only one being appropriate. Sexy witch was not happening when I was growing up. I have to watch my 13 year old like a hawk this year. There REALLY is no selection for someone her age and size. She could be a slut, whore, or prostitute. Lovely, just lovely

  14. What? You don’t believe a girl of nine should be completely and totally sexualized? Weirdo.

    Holy shit do I get it.

    My husband and I don’t even allow our 9-year-old daughter to watch those tween Disney shows – for the same reason: sexiness. Sexiness before they know they’re sexual beings.

    And it goes both ways. The boys are depicted in these horribly stereotypical “tough guy” ways – the girls these flirty bouncy things – and I watch my daughter fascinated, though she doesn’t even know why. Those shows are geared to hit that budding curiosity in her, that tiny little interest in those foreign, weird objects…boys…God it makes me sick that the media exploits that. Makes money off that beautiful transitional place in a child’s life. Forces the issue. Forces them to grow up NOW.

    I go out of my way to point out to her things like this wherever we go (like the costume fiascos). I tell her straight out what they’re doing (edited a little of course) – but mainly I explain marketing and its power and how they prey on children. And now she says things like “Mama! Look at this zebra print cut-off shirt for 3 year olds — isn’t it terrible? Why do they want to make babies look like adults?” And I feel a moment of joy because there are some things we really can offer our children – like a critical, questioning eye and the ability to spot the bullshit antics of mainstream marketing executives.

    The naughty wizard? Fuck those bastards.

  15. Are you kidding me? So I’m guessing if they’re on the shelves it’s because parents want them. That makes me sad. Thirty years after we trashed the Equal Rights Amendment we just keep going backward as far as treating women as sex objects.

  16. Reblogged this on Momma Be Thy Name and commented:
    I’ve been waiting a year to break this puppy out of the vault. I have scoped out the scene this year, and it’s decidedly better than last year, but there are still a few stragglers. Rest assured, though, midriffs are covered and costumes are less tight and longer. I can sleep slightly better at night now.

  17. Ugh, this sort of thing really grinds my gears. Over the weekend, I went shopping for a bridal garter for my wedding. The first place I looked was Victoria’s Secret, because, well, lingerie! Duh! They didn’t have any. They had the sexy outfits with the garter belts, but no plain ol’ garters. The saleslady suggested Macy’s or some department store, which seemed feasible to me. So I looked in all the department stores, and nothing. So I headed over to my next stop, Claire’s, to pick up some hair adornments. And what do I find there? Garters. Black, red, white, lacy, tons of them. Really??! What on earth are we marketing to our young women? Sure, Claire’s markets toward the older-than-tween market, but there’s still a lot of 10-15 year-olds who shop in there for the earrings and cute jewelry. I was really annoyed that of all places, that’s the place I found it. Stop oversexualizing our young women!!

  18. You are SO right! Every year they get worse. By the time girls are in high school (am I behind? is it middle school even?) they are just wearing Victoria’s Secret lingerie. So sad. My daughter will have to be Mary every year with alterations to accommodate her growth! 🙂

  19. My nieces generally wear their dance costumes from the year before for trick or treating! I was in a halloween store the other day and saw many of the same costumes and was just disgusted. One of my girlfriends (who’s not a mom) was with me and didn’t understand why I was upset until I pointed out that they were for the little ones, not the local college kids. What makes me even sadder is regular clothing hasn’t gotten much better…

  20. I’ve been wondering about this one for years. And not just for little girls either. ALL female costumes have “slutty” as an adjective. What’s with that? I made my daughter’s costume last year and this year lucked out at a consignment store. Much more appropriate selections, hands down. Thanks for putting this out there!

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