I realized I was no Supermom today when I woke up and found we had no diapers for the twins. It’s twins – two babies. How could I not have known how many diapers we had? I have been putting them in Matthew’s diapers, which are decidedly large for Maggie, but fit just fine on Meatball, uh, Michael.

I did, however, manage to get out to see a movie last night, and putzed around for completely unnecessary stuff at the store ( i.e., a foam craft kit to build a haunted house)…all of which I now feel guilty about because we’re out of diapers.

There was a time when I had a supply, plus a backup supply, of everything. The only time I do this now is when I accidentally go out to pick up whatever is empty or gone, and return home to realize there was an extra package sitting in the cupboard or the closet the whole time.

On the whole, I’ve become disorganized. I used to have everything in its place, lists written, and things scheduled, now I’m chasing an automotive service that we’re probably 10,000 miles over, I struggle to find a piece of paper (or a pen) on which to write a note, I load the clean dishwasher with dirty dishes because I don’t remember ever running it, and, if you point to a pile of laundry on the floor, I could not tell you, by sight, whether or not it is clean.

Coffee cups sit on the table all day (which sort of tweaks my soul, you know?), food gets taken out of the freezer only to be cooked a full three days later, and there’s a line of dirty bibs, my husband’s shorts, burpcloths, and onesies, laying across the top of the couch.

People say, “Get a nanny! Get a maid!” but we never wanted a nanny, and I don’t feel like we really need a maid. I can do it myself.

So it’s my problem, I think. Either guilt or stubbornness. Or both. Because I know their little tushies will be covered, I know all those things on top of the couch will get put away, and I know I’ll be able to get out to the store for diapers, thanks to the amazing help of my family.

Try as I may to keep it alive, perfectionism might just be dead at my house.



  1. But you still managed to write a funny post so you can tick that off your list 🙂

    As for perfectionism, I always aimed for so much less in motherhood. Aiming lower (e.g. at the end of the day, has everyone gone to bed happy?) results in less disappointment and sometimes, on a good day (hour?), you can enjoy a rush from a terrific feeling of accomplishment.

    Oh and as for family, my in-laws save my sanity daily. Living in a tribe rocks!

  2. Ha, ha I used to be so organized until I kept having babies. I can relate to the twin thing though, when my boys were born 7 months ago I was so so organized! I had everything scheduled and the whole bit. Now well lets just say I have had a few of those days where there were no diapers and believe it or not – no formula! They have a milk allergy so breastfeeding hasn’t been the best option so I couldn’t even really feed themself much LOL! My life with 8 is anything but sane on some days!

  3. Oh, what I would do for a nanny and a maid. Things of questionable legality. Things on the bare fringes of ethics and morality. Because if I could walk across my front room without toys/sand/crumbs/play-doh sticking to my feet? Ahhhhhh *bliss*

  4. When you have babies, things spiral out of control really quickly! One moment you think, “Oh this can wait. I just want to relax for one second.” You open your eyes, and the house is a mess!

  5. Oh my.. I could sooo relate to this (with just 1 baby!) 🙂

    You are right.. things will never be the same again. They WILL stabilise in a few years, but not to the way you had it before. Once, we were enroute to catch a train for a 2-week holiday and I forgot the tickets at home!!! 5 years back, if you had told me that one day I will be as disorganised & forgetful as this, I would have laughed till my head rolled off.

    But that’s parenthood !!
    (..i just wish someone had told ME this ‘Before’ :0 )

  6. I think all moms sometimes fail to manage the chaos that is parenting. This morning, I decided to let my daughter sleep in. I made her breakfast and put it in my purse, so she could eat it in the car as we are driving to camp. Of course, after I had dropped her off, I realized that the breakfast is still is my purse. Worst mom ever. 🙂

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